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SMP Technology began in 1992 as a specialized designer and manufacturer of LAN interconnect products. Today, SMP has evolved into a diversified organization that serves a broad base of customers in the computer, industrial, instrumentation and telecommunications markets. SMP is widley recognized as a customer driven innovator, designer and solution provider of interconnect systems, cables and power supplies that exceed our customers' expectations.

We are a provider of various electronic products for the electronic industry. We encourage you to view any product we have and if you do not see a particular product, please feel free to contact us and see if we have it on file.

 New Interconnect Products

USB 3.0

• Vertical; Right Angle; Dual Stacked Versions
• Surface Mount & DIP
• Type A, Type B, Micro B & Micro
• AB Types Available
• See Avalible USB 3.0 Cables

Very Low Profile Mini RJ45

• Black, Blue, Yellow, Red
Insulator Colors
• 11.50mm Height
• Tab Up
• Avalible in Single & Multiport

IP68 Connectors & Couplers

• RJ45, CAT5e & CAT 6
• Shielded & Non Shielded
• Panel Mount / Mating Cable
• CAT5e & CAT6 Patch Cords

USB 3.1 Type C

• Various Configurations
• Vertical, Right Angle
• Multifunction: USB, Power, Audio

Circular Push / Pull Connectors

• Excellent Mating / Unmating Operation
• Board Mount, Panel Mount and Cable Applied versions
• Water Proof Options
•Compatible & Intermateable with Hirose ®, HIR10, HR25

PCI Express Card Connectors

• PCB Stand Off Latch Mechanisms
• Stand Off Hardware & Screws
• Full & Half Card Support Solution
• Half Card To Full Card Adapters
• Available Heights: 4.0,5.2,5.6,6.75,8.00,9.2,9.8,10.5mm

DDR5 SO DIMM Memory Sockets

• Accept JEDEC Compliant Memory Modules
• DDR 5, DDR 4, DDR 3 & DDR 2 Sockets Available
• Vertical & Right Angle Options Readily Available

Embedded Single
Port Jacks

• Various Offsets Avalible
• With or Without LED
• Tab Up or Tab Down
• Lowest Industry Profile
• Available with Magnetics

Panel Mount Power
Mini Din

• DC Power Circular Connector
• Panel Mount, 3 & 4 Position
• All Metal
• Water Proof Option Available
• Splash Proof Dust Cover (Shown Below)

Waterproof Connectors

• Waterproof Circular RJ45
• IPX7 Rating
• Shielded
• Panel Mounting

Micro USB

• 60% Smaller Size than Mini USB
• 3 Styles Available: Standard, Reverse & Mid Mount

VHDCI Receptacle Headers

• Support Ultra High Performance Memory
• Trasfer using SCSI Style Interface
• Single 68 Position and Stacked 136 Position Options

M.2 NGFF Connectors

• Support for PCI Express 3.0,
• USB 3.0 & SATA 3.0
• Multiple Heights / 0.5mm Pitch
• Multiple Keying Options (A,B,E,G,M)

Combo Stacked Connectors

• VGA / VESA D-Sub (15 Pos)
• Digital Video (DVI) Combo
• Numerous Variations Available:
SATA; HDMI; RJ45; Mini Din; USB

Panel Mount
Coupler & Kits

• Cat 3, Cat 5, Cat 6, Cat 6A
• Shielded & Unshielded
• Kit Includes Bezel, Coupler & 4-40 Screws

Mid Mount VGA

• Various Offsets Available
• Reverse / Standard Orientation
• Flangless Options for Reduced Width Applications

 New Cable Assembly Products

Rounded Bulkhead
Panel Attached

Direct Screw Attached to Panel

Snap Fit to Panel


 New Power Supply Products

Desktop Power Supplies -
General Purpose

• Level VI Efficiency
• Universal Input Voltage Range
• Full Safety Approvals
• Custom Versions Available

Wall Mount Power Supplies - General Purpose

• Fixed Blade or Interchangeable Input Plug Options Available
• Full Safety Approvals UL, EN and JEC
• Level VI Efficiency
• Class I and Class II

Desktop Power Supplies - Medical

• Efficency Meets EISA2007,
CEC Level VI
• UL 60601-1 3rd Edition Certified

Wall Mount Power Supplies - Medical

• 15 to 24 Watt Models
• Medical 60601-1 3rd Edition Approved
• UL 1310 NEC Class 2 Requirements


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